"The full potential of our organization is realized when the skills, knowledge and talents of our members
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Hon. Lisa Woodruff-White, President


Chair:  Judge Lisa Woodruff-White

The Executive Board of the LDJA consists of five (5) officers and twelve (12) voting members who are selected each year by the officers.  The Executive Committee conducts all business of the LDJA and generally chairs the committees and initiatives.  The Executive Committee meets 4 times annually for executive business and once for legislative committee business. 


Chair: Judge Scott Schlegel

The LDJA/DOC Liaison Committee works with judicial partners such as the Department of Public Safety & Corrections, Louisiana District Attorneys Association, Louisiana Public Defenders Board, Probation and Parole, and others to improve the criminal justice system in Louisiana.  The Committee strives to meet twice annually, with one meeting held at DPS&C Headquarters and the other at a Louisiana Corrections Facility of the Chair's choosing.  During the meetings, criminal justice partners exchange information about implementation of new laws, discuss problems encountered within the justice system, and share learning experiences relevant to daily operations and functions of criminal court on the district level.  

Working closely with LDJA partners in the Legislature, this Committee is responsible for monitoring legislation related to district judges and making appropriate recommendations.  The committee is made up of any LDJA member and all LDJA Executive Committee members. 


Chair:  Judge Robert Morrison

This Committee is responsible for the LDJA's "Judges in the Classroom" program, which seeks to include judges within the community by outreach to teachers, students and parents.  Lesson Plans involve teachings on law and civic education to elementary and secondary students in Louisiana.


Chair:  Judge Randall Bethancourt

This Committee intends to have judges work with the Clerks of Courts and Judicial Administrators across the state to form a more effective partnership within these groups.  Because the judges depend upon data input by the clerks, and in coordination of dockets and protocol by the judicial administrators, this committee seeks to improve those relations and to open the lines of communication.  


Chair:  Judge John LeBlanc

The Mentor Committee works to assign a mentoring judge to each newly elected judge.  The Judge-Mentor program serves to allow more senior judges to impart information to younger judges, while establishing a bond between those judges who are paired in the program.


Chair: Judge Candice Bates Anderson

This Committee is working to organize all information used and implemented by courts throughout the state in their relative Problem-Solving Courts.  Best Practices tools and goals are being established.  Problem-Solving Courts represented in the committee include Drug, Behavioral Health, Re-Entry, DWI, Domestic Violence, and Veterans Courts.


Chair:  Judge Ray Childress

The Rural Courts within the State are often excluded from programs and events and/or the judges within those courts are unable to attend for various reasons.  In order to give these courts a greater voice and to relate to the LDJA, the Supreme Court and the Judicial College the needs of these courts, this committee was formed.  The initial goals of the committee is to identify issues with an ultimate goal to set forth best practices models for smaller courts and to help with funding obstacles faced by the rural jurisdictions. 


Chair:  Judge Lala Sylvester & Judge Martha O’Neal

The Self-Represented Litigants Committee (SRL) was formed to assist judges, litigants and attorneys alike to address the growing challenge of self represented litigants in Louisiana courts.  This committee is working with the Louisiana State Bar Association and other entities to combine self-help resources and promote greater access to justice for all litigants.


Chair: Judge Patricia Koch

The Strategic Planning Committee includes members of the bench and also certain members from court administration from the Supreme Court and other parishes.  Required by statute, the Strategic Plan for district courts must be updated and reviewed periodically every several years.  


Chair:  Judge Lisa Woodruff-White

The Technology Committee was created to consider the potential implementation of new and existing technologies in the criminal and civil legal systems. The Technology Committee also keeps the website updated and useful to the LDJA and to the general public. The website is administered by the liaison counsel and funded solely by the LDJA. 


Chair:  Judge Scott Schlegel